Visualize your business ideas

Visualize your business ideas in the most creative, modern and unique way with our comprehensive and competitive 3D and Motion Graphics service.

Matu Hiva has hired the best and most talented 3D and motion graphic designers for your boldest digital conceptions in advertising, brand awareness campaigns, projects and presentations. If you really look for a sophisticated and budget-balanced 3D & Motion Graphics service, give us a try and, in return, you will be offered with all of these:

Two-Dimensional (2D) and Three-Dimensional (3D) Design – including 3D Scanning, 3D Modelling and Texturing, 3D Visualization, 3D Dynamics and Effects, 3D Assets, 3D Illustrations, 3D Animation (videos, advertising materials, as well as 2D/3D Logo Animation)

Architectural Visualization 3D – Please note that due to the necessity of this specific service to incorporate professional photography and long-distance trips for our specialists, your project is going to be preliminarily discussed for optimality regarding the reasonable balance between price-time-final results. If the discussion ends up with a final decision for project assignment, we can offer you: 3D Drawings and Plans, Colour arrangements, 3D Exterior and Interior visualization, 2D/3D Modelling of exterior, 3D for Google Earth, Modelling of buildings, Bulky pattern model, as well as other different modelling and plans.

Motion Graphics Development – video procession, installation and sharing, broadcast designs with visual presentations, product preview visualization and different advertising animations, as well as animated motion and deformation of objects, animation of characteristic or mass movements.

VR (Virtual Reality)

2D/3D Design
(3D Scanning)
3D Modelling and Texturing
3D Visualization
3D Dynamics and Effects
3D Assets
3D Illustrations
3D Animation
      Animation for Advertising
      Animation Video
     . 2D/3D Logo Animation


Motion Graphics Development
     . Animated motion and deformation of objects
     . Animation of characteristic movements
     . Animated movement of images with specific requirements
     . Animation of mass movements
     . Advertising animation
     . Broadcast Design (Animation of motion graphics that are used mainly in the beginning or the end of a video; Inscriptions with the names of the participants in a production.)
     . (Title motion graphics (*samples of the product are required))
     . Product preview visualization
     . Visual Presentation
     . Creating a video clip of photos:
      Video processing and installation
      Video sharing (on Clip-list)
     . (360° Virtual tour video*)
     . (Corporate video*)
     . Video & Audio adaptations

     .Digital Cinema Package (DCP) - Conversion of any kind of video materials in a digital format that is suitable for broadcasting in digital cinemas.

Architectural Visualization 3D*

3D Drawings and Plans

3D Bulky pattern model

2D/3D Modelling of buildings

3D for Google Earth (modelling of buildings and objects and their positioning)

2D/3D Modelling of exterior

3D Exterior and Interior visualization
     . Visualization through pictures with high resolution
     . Virtual walk around your building (animation)
     . 2D and 3D Colour internal arrangements

Colour arrangements
     . 2D Colour arrangements
     . 3D Colour arrangements

*All of these services often demand field trips to distant locations and participation of photographer. This is why we calculate the expenses and the required time according to the specifics of each particular task, before we can give an answer as to whether we will accept it or not.

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V-Ray              CorelDraw              3D Studio Max   Adobe Photoshop

Archicad              SketchUp                  Adobe Illustrator                Microsoft Expression

Revit                Adobe Premiere