High quality pack of Website Design services

In our rich and high quality pack of IT and digital services, the website design assistance includes a wide range of values we passionately protect and show in our overall work with customers from all over the world.

Matu Hiva’s website design offer incorporates a big variety of planning, building, post-developing and managing tactics for the perfect final results, including:

    • Creating templates (CMS templates, HTML 5, XML Flash templates, PSD templates, after effects templates) – web drafts, site structure with a website map, interface design with proper UCD, UI and UX
    • Decent content strategy and effective menu layouts, brilliant colour scheme conceptions for the fonts, texts, all visual accessories, footers and headers
    • Building in videos, games, audio presentations and navigations, including bread crumps, blogs, forums, RSS, contact elements like live chat templates, documents for downloads and etc.
    • Element designs – posters, logos, typography, shipping tool, styles for brand awareness
    • Responsive design – from zero to the highest level

Don’t hesitate to contact our consultants to learn even more details about our top-notch website design service.

Template Creation
Web Drafts

Software architecture / Site structure (Site map)

Interface Design
    User Centered design (UCD)
    User Interface design (UI)
    User Experience design (UX)

Information Architecture & Content Strategy

Sample Templates and Images
      www.themeforest.net       www.templatemonster.com
    CMS templates
    HTML 5 templates
    XML Flash templates
    PSD templates
    After effects templates

Creating wish list

Website Design

Responsive Design
Responsive/Mobile website layouts
Interactive graphic design photo types

Installation and Initial setup / Design coding
Hand coding trough HTML5 and CSS (Front end)
Implementing functionalities with PHP & Java Script (Back end)
    Cross-browser compatibility (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer Browser, Safari, Opera, Bing, etc.)
    Content marked up using Schema microdata
    Accessibility of the code
    Appropriate font
    SEO friendly pages
    Quickly page loading

PSD to HTML conversion

Logo Design

Typography and Info graphics Design / Creation