Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and WebGL. application development

Our basic game development service is accompanied by another game product we can offer you at a fraction of the cost, with 100% effective final outcomes and, of course, with our team’s devotion, talent and rich experience.

Our team also offers other types of game development services, including AR, VR and WebGL application development, as well as modern Mobile games, traditional Browser games and naturally, the most popular these days Facebook games.

Whatever your idea is, Matu Hiva would love to hear, discuss and realize it in time and at the cost your budget can afford. We rely on professionals with solid knowledge in the field, as well as significantly creative designers, who will take care of each important and small detail of the game plot, the characters, graphic and environment presentations.

You can count on Matu Hiva to develop this group of entertainment products efficiently and with upmost quality, and create games that could become some of the most famous and most played online.

We guarantee a personal approach to each individual customer, project or company trying to drive the engagement rate of the final product that will boost your income, image and reputation at the highest level.

Augmented reality (AR) - content quality enhancement, opportunities for personalization and applications for mobile devices.

Virtual Reality - Matu Hiva is an experienced Virtual Reality service provider with a talented and highly motivated hard-working team of specialists who are always by your side even when it comes to the most eccentric projects, business ideas, consultancy need and etc. We are not afraid of VR challenges, but on the contrary – looking forward to be hearing of your conceptions, so don’t hesitate to reach us right away and call them out loud!

Virtual Reality is a potential fast-growing sphere of today’s digital sphere and the entire world is silently waiting for it to see it becoming a core of your everyday life or professional advance. Don’t stay in the dark, but become a part of this progress with VR and Matu Hiva’s customer-oriented and result-driven Virtual Reality team.

We are available for your questions in case you need more information what you can achieve with VR and how to integrate in your business model.

WebGL. application development - Including Unity3D. The writing of Web.GL is slow, cumbersome and expensive and we also using Three.js.

Augmented reality (AR)
. Content quality enhancement
. Opportunities for personalization
. Applications for mobile devices

Virtual Reality (VR)

WebGL. development
Including Unity3D
by using Three.js

WebGL Unity