Competitive and Modern Re-Design Services

More than 50% of the customers leave your page less than a minute after visiting it. If you are wondering why, please don’t judge your price list, promotion strategy or product assortment immediately. A minute is never enough for a visitor to get that deep into a company’s offers. The reason you lose so much traffic in your page is the design.

The poor or old-fashioned design literally disguises today’s pretentious audience. The website design that hasn’t been changed for 5 years, in case the business has existed for 7 years, is a mistake that keeps your loyal and regular customers also away.

On the contrary, the modern, customer-friendly, responsive, intuitive and, last but not least, beautiful and original web design is the one that receives recommendations from both: Google and your current customers. If adding high page speed, smooth navigation, personalized UX and brilliant visualization, the web design becomes the step you might need to make to reach that business breakthrough you have been looking for the last couple of years.

If you think your web design is far away from all of these characteristics, you might be in urgent need of a high quality Re-design service. Moreover, if you don’t even realize whether your website design is fine and it hasn’t been updated for a long time, you definitely deserve Matu Hiva’s top-notch Re-Design service.

Here is the full pack of extras and special features you will receive if relying on our competitive and modern Re-Design service:

  • 1

    Concept and Planning - Cross platform analysis and website device integration

  • 2

    Additional and new digital marketing suggestions and solutions, plus creative bespoke Image re-design work

  • 3

    Development and web design using award winning applications - multilingual Website Development, implementation of add-ons and plugins, safe content migration from the old to the new website

  • 4

    Migrate content from old website

   . Multilingual Website Development

        . Bespoke Image re-design work

             . Add-ons & Plugins

Microsoft Visual Studio

. Multilingual Website Development