Our specially tailored promoting and creative service Banners is a great alternative for your advertising, marketing and visualisation campaigns and projects.

Matu Hiva has hired the best designers in the sphere in order to provide the full range of options and fresh ideas for the most competitive, converting and result-bringing banners:

Banners and Sliders – including Dynamic and Static banners, Animated HTML5 Banners, traditional .jpg Banners and various other banner types or formats (.GIF, .JPEG, .PNG & .SWF). Including banners with extra big or small sizes.

Google Display Network (GDN) Advertising – For better opportunities in Google Ads. Your payment is only for click. All impressions are free. Targeting by the following categories: demographics, interests, remarketing, placements and topics.

Flash web Design (Adobe) - It is a must for our team to mention that Flash websites are a bit old-fashioned for today’s general business needs. In addition to these, Flash Player software has been limited by Google for nearly 2 years, too.

Before, the audio and video content in the browsers used to be implemented thanks to additional third-party plugins such as Adobe Flash Player. Today’s reality for this implementation includes HTML5 practice for all projects and conceptions in Flash Animation, Presentations, Intros, Advertising projects or single Business Logos, as well as the Flash Banner or single Flash elements for website.



Flash web Design (Adobe)
Flash Animation
Flash Presentation
Flash Intro
Flash Advertising
Flash Business Logo
Flash Banner
Flash elements for website