Comprehensive Web Maintenance and Administration

Our comprehensive Web Maintenance & Administration service incorporates a large set of actions, assistance, semi-services, conceptions and complete solutions for your business growth, stabilization or start.

We specialize in almost all sub-categories of today’s general web maintenance process, plus Matu Hiva’s company has the right professionals experienced in the thorough web and software administration procedure. Here are the things we offer, in brief:

    • Monitoring and management of applications – Troubleshooting issues, Website updates, CMS administration (Dynamic CMS), plugins management, updating for WordPress, WooCommerce and a dedicated service to your account manager (office hours), as well as Monitoring website security, Plugin and Script updates, plus – testing broken links, missing pictures and the entire website on new browsers and devices as they become available.
    • Creative web maintenance and administration: Content management, Creation of Banners, Graphics, etc.
    • Full Google Analytics Assistance
    • Others: Dynamic Google site map and RSS Feeds, Website Backup Enhancements, Meta optimization, newsletter functionality.
    • We cover almost all popular and not that popular CMS platforms: including the standard WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

If you need help with your administration tasks, do not hesitate to count on Matu Hiva for high quality and efficient management services. For this purpose, our talented and well-trained teams of system and net administrators from the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria are at your disposal.

. Copywriting services

         . Drupal Website maintenance

                  . Joomla Website maintenance

                         . WordPress Website maintenance

                                 . Advanced website Testing and Monitoring

Monitoring and management of applications
     . Troubleshooting issues (Bugs attacks, Disconnections, etc.)
     . Website updates
     . CMS administration (Dynamic CMS)
     . Ensuring all plugins are running the latest version
     . Updating the WordPress core (where possible)
     . Updating WooCommerce (where possible) for E-commerce CMS’s
     . Other CMS updates
     . Putting backups on place
     . Dedicated service to your account manager (office hours)
     . Manual visit to your website and submissions of your contact from each month to ensure it is operating correctly
     . Monitoring website security
     . Monitoring website Plugin and Script updates
     . Testing and repair of broken links and missing pictures within the site
     . Testing your website on new browser and devices as they become available
     . Content management
     . Creation of new pages
     . Adding relevance of content
     . Creation of Banners, Graphics, etc.
     . Assistance with website Backup, Retrieval and Restore
     . Visitor statistics
     . Creation/Monitoring of Google Analytics account and basic training upon request
     . Review and interpretation of Google Analytics reports and request
     . Contact form submissions to make sure than your customers are able to contact you with no problems
     . Keeping track of websites performance by Monitoring a set of metrics (website visibility from all over the world, upload speed, search engine crawler access to the site, malware code, etc.)
     .Periodically Backups create
     . Trace and replace certain sections of site code when updating used program versions and disabling outdated ones
     . Admin panel
     . Renewal of the components (libraries) and their adequate integration
     . Dynamic Google site map
     . Dynamic RSS Feeds
     . Optimized page titles
     . Website Backup Enhancements
     . Optimized Meta Information
     . Newsletter functionality