Portals and Directories service

Our specially tailored Portals & Directories service is suitable for web, B2B and bookings systems, including strategies for online booking system integration, media and news portal, job board portal, transport and logistics, real estate systems, charity and donation pages, video sharing portals, dating portals and social networks.

Although Matu Hiva owns the necessary resources, knowledge and high quality ideas for establishment, management and modification of portals and directories compatible to all of these website types, systems and portals, our top common customers are mostly interested in the B2B, booking and general web projects.

Speaking of the web portals and directories, here is where the B2C conceptions appear, as well as all the e-commerce platforms and drop shipping projects.

On the other half, the B2B sector often needs vendor portals for manufacturers and non-manufacturers (like all the agents from the distribution sphere, banks, government and other administrative organizations), we are ready to design and realize.

As to the booking websites, note that our talented team devoted to "Portals & Directories" is capable to provide you high quality assistance in development of the best strategies and systems for trades, classes, events, rentals, hotel software updates, SSL certifications, payment and getaway integration, as well as conceptions for integration of discounts and promo codes, currency convertor tools, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Get Response and AWeber assistance in the sake of the successful e-mail marketing list building and e-mail marketing strategy management.

Web Portals & Directories
Drop shipping & B2C Customer portals

B2B Vendor portals
     . For manufactures
     . For non-manufactures
B2B for GPO/Partner Portals

Booking websites
Service and Trades
Classes and Events
Hire and Rentals
Tourism and Hotels

Online Booking system Integration
. SSL Certification
. Payment and Gateway
. Discount / Promo codes
. Currency Converter
. Mail Chimp e-mail marketing (including mailing list management)


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  • 500GB Disk Space
  • 250GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited subdomains


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  • 35GB Disk Space
  • 20GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited subdomains


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  • 20GB Disk Space
  • 10GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 2 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited subdomains

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