Dedicated Web Application Software

Matu Hiva’s dedicated web application software team relies on rich experience in custom and outsourced web app development to bring in time qualitative products with reliable performance, flawless customer experience, deep social engagement, as well as a way for brand awareness improvement.

Don’t hesitate to count on our top-notch, budget-friendly and intelligent Web App. Software service. Please meet the entire pack of assistances and extras you will receive in this service:

    • A talented team of web and desktop developers with fantastic knowledge and training in back, front end, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, .NET, Java, PHP, C++ fields
    • Full and detailed custom web application process with in-depth business analysis, web software architecture, product structuring, planning and UI design discussion, in-time development and implementation, testing and long-term maintenance, as well as updates for language, techniques, frameworks and CMS, cross browser compatibility, providing clear code and APIs, load testing, etc.
    • Progressive web and Single page applications – E-commerce, social networks, forums, booking and web content
      or enterprise management systems.
    • Facebook application development
    • Technical plugins and adds-on

Custom web applications
     . Business Analysis
     . Web Software Architecture
     . Structuring
     . Planning & UI Design
     . Development and Implementation
     . Testing of Software solutions
     . Long Term of maintenance
     . Application Updates

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      Cross browser applications compatibility
      Clear code and API’s
      Management and Load Testing
      Independence from the OS (operating system) and Environment (because it works through a web browser)
      Opportunity to combine work on- and off- line
      Possibility to be accessed from any device with I-net connection
      Every web application, which was developed by us, allows on upgrade
Progressive web and Single page applications
     . Applications for E-commerce
     . Applications for Web portals
     . Industry special and Business solutions
     . Information Portals and Functional platforms for special purpose
     . Social network platforms by customer assignment
     . Platforms for Discussion forums
     . Booking systems
     . Web content management systems
     . Applications for Enterprise systems

Technical Add-ons
& additional costs of consider
     . Newsletter functionality
     . Embedded Google Map
     . Dynamic Google site map
     . Dynamic RSS Feeds
Payment and Gateway integration
     . Shopping card Integration
     . Booking system Integration
     . Integrated accounting via Xero
     . E-mail signature
GDPR Tools
     . Safe-data pack (GDPR)


& Templates Modifications
     . WordPress Plugins
     . PrestaShop Modules
     . JavaScript & jQuery plugins
     . Joomla Extensions
     . Plugins for WooCommerce
     . Plugin install (extra functionality)
     . Multi language features






Meteor Microsoft ASP Express
Ember Play Backbone spring
Code Igniter Laravel vue